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Okay, so what is it about us that makes us soooo special?

We're All About the Seafood.

(Yeah - that's it. That's the big secret.)

Since our start as a father/son importing business in 1982, we wanted nothing more than to introduce
New Zealand's famous greenshell mussels to the United States. You could say we managed to pull it off.

Today, restaurants across the country feature
New Zealand greenshell mussels
as gourmet delicacies. They have become
a requested favorite among consumers.


After years of importing strictly
fresh New Zealand fish and shellfish,
we decided to expand our offerings, and
began importing frozen products as well.

...and the rest - as they say - is History.

More than perhaps any other nation, New Zealand is committed to the sustainability of her valuable commercial fishing industry.  Species catch-rates are carefully monitored and annual catch quotas are re-set as needed to insure the ability of each fishery to sustain a healthy population level.

We bring all the pelagic species from thoughout the South Pacific fisheries, including Swordfish, Yellow Fin, Big Eye and Albacore Tuna, Mahi-mahi, Ono, Opah and Escolar.  All these fish are caught by long line fishing as opposed to the more wasteful driftnet method.  Efficient airfreight arrangements from these often remote locations aid greatly in maximizing freshness and shelf life.

Because of our absolute committment to being the best supplier, we have designed state-of-the-art coller and freezer facilities at a new 40,000 sq. ft. warehouse with 100% HACCP compliance.  Located in the heart of Los Angeles' seafoods district, it is built with room to expand including leasable storage available to clients.

Providing the Finest, Freshest Seafood - Responsibly, Respectfully and with Pride.

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